What is the tone of your brand in a foreign language?

Tone gives your company a voice. But how does your voice sound in a foreign language? An important part of our job is to find exactly the right translator, someone who genuinely understands your brand and what you want to convey. This is how we have gained so many satisfied and loyal customers over the years. Read on if you want to learn how you can involve us more to ensure the tone of your translations hits the right note.

Tone is a brand’s linguistic expression and it is conveyed through diction and style. It is important for your tone to be consistent with what you want the brand to convey. Your communication with customers distinguishes you from your competitors. If you have a quality product and have invested a great deal into your brand, then naturally, you’ll want your translations to reflect that as well. It would not be ideal for your Swedish customers to perceive your product one way, while customers in other markets have an entirely different impression.

Språkbolaget has seven employees who try to find our voice amidst the noise. We are continuously engaged with our brand because work with how we want to be perceived never ends. Over the years, new colleagues with different backgrounds and experiences have taught us that it’s possible to have extremely different perceptions of a given word and what it represents. That is why we select each and every word with care, and have many discussions internally.

If we spend this much time on how we express ourselves, how hard must it be for a much larger company to find the right language and style, to ensure that all employees and translators maintain a common tone?
Brand-building and rebranding require months of thought. For example, what kind of language conveys that you are a modern, soft and attractive company? After many lengthy discussions and revisions, all of the text is finally in place – and that’s how it should be translated as well.

Our customers understand how important it is for translation to be an integrated part of the process, and not just an afterthought, something to do when everything else is finished. The translation is at least as important as the original text, because it is a prerequisite for the company to be able to sell more on foreign markets. Without high-quality content in the local language, it’s hard to reach out.

So what is a better way to get the translation agency and thus the translator on the same page from the beginning? One way is to give us a brief on the company’s style and desired tone for the translation. Provide us with reference materials and your style guide so that we can secure a skilled translator who is perfect for your text specifically. Involve us earlier in the process and plan time for questions, reviews and feedback – the result will be worth it. Excellent translations are a factor for growth.

Our tips:

  • Keep in mind that translations are a factor for growth and they help you sell more.
  • Contact us early in the process and let us know well in advance about upcoming translations. This way we can choose a great translator who will be 100% motivated and well informed.
  • Provide us with a brief on how you want to be perceived and your brand’s style and personality.
  • Give us feedback. We will review your comments and fine-tune our collaboration.
  • We can help you develop a style guide both for the original language and the target language, to help you maintain the same tone throughout your organisation moving forward.

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