Time to translate your financial reports?

Early in the year, many people are busy with their company’s financial reports. While year-end reports are compiled, the year’s quarterly reports, interim reports, sustainability report and, above all, annual report must be planned. Read our tips on the best way to fit translation into your packed schedule.

Corporate reports don’t only show a company’s financial position – they also present the year’s work, visions and goals, and above all, they are an opportunity to reach out with information about the brand.

It is becoming increasingly important to make reports available to foreign stakeholders as well, especially for listed companies. This is to inform shareholders about the figures for the year or quarter, and to attract new investors and help the company grow. In general, most people opt to translate into English, but some choose other languages as well.

Financial reports are demanding for the translator and it is important to find the right person for the job. For example, an annual report is divided into a front section, which includes descriptive and sales texts, and a fact-based back section, with figures and tables. An annual report for a company in the steel industry is thus notably different from a company in medical technology, for example, even if the terms used in the financial sections may be the same.

In addition to knowledge of financial terminology, standards and guidelines such as FARIFRS and US GAAP, the translator must be familiar with the industry and company-specific terms for your field in particular. It is also important for the translator to learn your company’s tone and style. That is why we always make sure you have the same translator for all of your texts.

Financial reports also require careful project management. Often, a translation must begin before the original has gone through every authority, which means changes may be made along the way. Attention to detail is essential when many versions are circulating.

Our project managers are experts at setting up processes for modified versions, comments, last-minute press releases and short delivery times. The more information we can have about the date of audit committee meetings, board meetings and anything else that may impact planning, the better. Let us know as early as possible in the process and together we will find a functioning workflow, and we can book your translator well in advance.

Naturally, we work with nondisclosure agreements and insider lists.

Our tips:

  • Make a schedule for every step of the process.
  • Contact us as early as possible. This way we can reserve your translator.
  • Let us help you plan the translation. Together we will find the right work method for layout, file format, modified versions etc.
  • Provide us with reference material, term lists and language or style guides if available. This way, the translator can become familiar with your linguistic style and tone.
  • Give us feedback. We will review your comments and fine-tune our collaboration.

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