Easy-to-read English

When you are translating into English, it is important to choose the correct language variant. We take care to find out whether the text is going to be used in the British or the American market. But quite often a text will be used in other markets, for people who do not have English as their mother tongue, and who may even have limited knowledge of English. In such cases it can be worth considering translating the text into simple English.
Simple English is adapted so that an international audience with different backgrounds and knowledge of English can understand it.
It involves, among other things, removing long, advanced formulations and making the message more direct, and also replacing difficult words with simpler ones.

Specialised translators

We have spent a long time establishing a large international network of professional translators who only translate into their first language. And it is with the help of our co-workers all over the world that we can offer you world-class linguistic services and translation into most languages. So do you need assistance translating a customer magazine into Russian, or do you have a sales text that needs to be available in French, Icelandic and Swahili? No problem – just ask!

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