Translation for Svea Ekonomi

“We are extremely pleased with Språkbolaget. Among other things, they translate our annual reports and numerous business documents, which they always do quickly and correctly – even when time is limited. The fact that they are also incredibly pleasant and easy to work with makes us feel that we are in good hands.”
Ulf Callerström
Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi

The Svea Ekonomi Group is a financial company group that is active in several European countries. With 30 years of experience with shortening companies’ credit times, Svea Ekonomi is a natural choice for many entrepreneurs when it comes to choosing a financing partner. They offer administrative and financial solutions for small and large companies in all industries. In addition to traditional services such as invoicing, factoring, invoice purchasing, credit information and debt collection, they also have a heavy focus on satisfying the need for smart payment solutions for e-commerce, mobile and stores.


We produce financial translations for Svea Ekonomi. We translate annual reports, audits, year-end reports,company presentations, press releases and business documents, as well as marketing materials such as brochures and roll-ups. The materials are translated primarily from Swedish to English. The texts are complex, with highly specific economic and financial terminology. We often work under a deadline for publication that cannot be missed, which means the translation process must be quick and efficient.

The financial texts we translate for Svea Ekonomi contain many numbers and tables. It is a challenge to get all the figures and texts in tables and diagrams to look just as good in the translated file, because numbers and dates are written differently in different languages. And because these texts are translated from Swedish, they almost always grow in size in the new language. The file is adapted to the original language, which means boxes and table formats must be modified in order to have space for the text.


Through a close dialogue with the customer, we have developed an effective work process that is adapted for each project, with a special focus on layout solutions.

The translator has extensive experience in the industry and is highly familiar with the work process. We always use the same translator because this guarantees that the terminology and industry jargon are always correct. Using the same translator also reduces the starting phase of the project, as the translator is familiar with the processes, knows the glossaries, and understands the tone desired by the customer.

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