Translation for the Maritime museum

Språkbolaget – translation of marketing texts – Maritime Museum and Aquarium


The Maritime Museum and Aquarium is part of the museum sector, one of three sectors in the City of Gothenburg’s Culture Administration. The Maritime Museum and Aquarium explores life beneath, near and above the water’s surface. Based on cultural-historic and scientific perspectives, the museum provides access to the ocean’s cultural environments and biological life forms.


Our translations for the Maritime Museum and Aquarium have included Swedish exhibition texts into English. We have also translated website texts, brochures and other marketing materials. The Maritime Museum and Aquarium’s mission is to raise awareness of maritime cultural history, and they work to support a thriving ocean. They do this, among other ways, through their permanent and temporary exhibitions. Sterling research efforts are behind their productions and proper language is an essential part of their exhibition strategy; naturally, this must be reflected in the translation.


Our translation assignments also place high demands on basic research for each exhibition theme, requiring a refined stylistic ability and knowledge of the subject’s terminology.

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