Translation for Nordic watercolour museum

“A feel for language is incredibly important for us at the Nordic Watercolour Museum. When an exhibition text has to be translated, it demands a lot of the translator. The language is often poetic, and nuances and word choice are extremely important. Furthermore, we’re always working under the pressure of time, and we must be able to rely on our language partner to deliver on time for catalogue publications or new exhibitions. Språkbolaget always delivers texts on time and also displays a tremendous feel for the nuances of language. We’re very satisfied.”

Daniel Lindell
Communications & Programme Director
Nordic Watercolour Museum


The Nordic Watercolour Museum is located in Skärhamn on the island of Tjörn. It opened in 2000 and attracts about 150,000 visitors annually. At the museum, you can see classic watercolours and the most interesting representatives of the international art world. The Nordic Watercolour Museum is a meeting place that is tailor-made for activities based on art, culture, nature and people.


We produce translations for the Nordic Watercolour Museum’s various exhibitions. We also translate the museum’s catalogues into several different European languages. The task requires thorough research into the theme of each exhibition and an excellent ability to use vivid language. The texts also tend to be complex, with frequent use of art terminology.


We have worked with the Nordic Watercolour Museum for a long time, and together we have determined what tone and what terms should be used in the various languages. Together, we have also found an efficient work process that is applied for each exhibition. The fact that we work with the same translators, who have a solid feel for art and culture and have familiarised themselves with this customer’s special texts, facilitates each project and ensures that the customer is always satisfied with the results.

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