Translation to Dari, Romanian and Somalian

Gothenburg’s Human Rights Center and TCO

Gothenburg’s Human Rights Center – against discrimination (GRC) is an anti-discrimination agency that is active in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland.

GRC provides free guidance and support to individuals who have been subjected to discrimination. Through education and opinion-formation, GRC works to prevent and combat oppression and discrimination at the societal level.

GRC’s starting points are human rights and the Swedish Discrimination Act.

TCO is a politically unaffiliated central organisation comprising a collection of 14 trade unions with almost 1.4 million members.

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Gothenburg’s Human Rights Center and TCO needed information translated into Dari, Romanian and Somalian for EuroPride 2018. The target group was the general public and the material needed to be easily understandable by everyone.

The goal of the material was to highlight the rights and obligations we all have in order to combat discrimination. The purpose was to promote equal rights and opportunities for all people, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.


Gothenburg’s Human Rights Center was looking for a translation partner and they chose Språkbolaget. The assignment included some language guidance regarding which languages to choose for the translation. We chose to translate from Swedish into Dari, Romanian and Somalian, and opted not to go the roundabout way by translating the material from English, which is otherwise common. While there may be fewer translators from which to choose when translating from Swedish, the translators who translate from Swedish are familiar with Swedish society. Because the texts are intended for people in Sweden, it is important for the translator to understand the conditions that exist here.

Språkbolaget also takes care of all DTP in order to deliver print-ready materials.
Dari uses the Arabic alphabet which is read from right to left, and this requires some modifications to the layout.