Proofreading – make sure your text is written properly

Do you have a text that requires an extra review or a more thorough editing job? At Språkbolaget, we offer proofreading for all types of texts. This means that a translator who is a native speaker of the language in which your text is written checks to ensure it is properly written and complies with any other requirements.

We have three proofreading levels:

At this level, corrections are made to spelling errors, grammar, writing mistakes (capital/lowercase letters, punctuation, comma placement etc.), hyphen placement, sentence structure (i.e., sentences that are not properly connected, incorrect word order, misplaced modifiers and so forth). However, no further improvements to the text are made with regard to style, flow, paragraph division and so forth.

In addition to the above, the text is also adjusted to sound good, with the right tone for the context and to ensure compliance with any other wishes. This includes checking that a text written by multiple authors feels uniform, that terms are used consistently, and that the language flows well.

Here, an existing text is rewritten to fit a new context or for a new target audience. For example, this could involve a longer article being shortened to fit a new format, or the simplification of a text so that people with limited skills in the language can understand it.