Language guidance – translate into the right language

Do you need a text translated for a country that speaks multiple languages? Or are you not sure what language the country speaks? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to know what language or language variation is best for translating into for certain countries or for a specific target group. For example, is it best to translate into French or German for Switzerland? Is it best to use British, American or an international variation of English for the English-speaking market? Can the same Arabic text be read by people from Syria and Morocco? Does your Kurdish audience speak Sorani (Central Kurdish) or Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish)? Does Dutch work both in the Netherlands and Belgium?
At Språkbolaget, we are happy to help you determine what language and what language variation fits best for your text and we can provide the best possible results for your translation.

Specialised translators

We have spent a long time establishing a large international network of professional translators who only translate into their first language. And it is with the help of our co-workers all over the world that we can offer you world-class linguistic services and translation into most languages. So do you need assistance translating a customer magazine into Russian, or do you have a sales text that needs to be available in French, Icelandic and Swahili? No problem – just ask!