Translation into immigrant languages

Do you want to translate informative community texts for our country’s new arrivals? At Språkbolaget, we are happy to help you. We translate texts to and from immigrant languages such as Somalian, Sorani (Central Kurdish), Arabic, Dari, Farsi (Persian), and Tigrinya – languages spoken by many of our new fellow residents of Sweden. It is important to ensure that essential information is available to everyone. Translating texts for use in Sweden is a slightly different process than translating texts for a foreign market. Many of these languages do not use the Latin alphabet, which makes handling files a bit more complicated, and the layout may need to be modified.

When you hire us for translation into these languages, we always send complete instructions for our well-developed work process. They include all necessary information about the various steps and which file formats work best – indeed, everything you need to consider before and during the process.

Specialised translators

We have spent a long time establishing a large international network of professional translators who only translate into their first language. And it is with the help of our co-workers all over the world that we can offer you world-class linguistic services and translation into most languages. So do you need assistance translating a customer magazine into Russian, or do you have a sales text that needs to be available in French, Icelandic and Swahili?
No problem – just ask!

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