We offer easy Swedish

At Språkbolaget, we translate not only from one language into another, but also from Swedish into easy Swedish. One fourth of Sweden’s adult population has some type of reading disability. An easy text is a text that has been adapted for people who have trouble reading Swedish.

Writing an easy text means:
- using simpler words
- writing short sentences
- writing short lines
- writing with more space around it than other texts
- not assuming the reader has prior knowledge that others may consider obvious.

As with all texts, it is important to know who is going to read the text so that it can be properly adapted. Not all easy texts will be read by the same target audience. Offering easy Swedish texts is important because essential information should be available to everyone.

Specialised translators

We have spent a long time establishing a large international network of professional translators who only translate into their first language. And it is with the help of our co-workers all over the world that we can offer you world-class linguistic services and translation into most languages. So do you need assistance translating a customer magazine into Russian, or do you have a sales text that needs to be available in French, Icelandic and Swahili? No problem – just ask!

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