Copy translation

If you work with advertising and marketing, then naturally you know that advertisements look different in different countries. We express ourselves differently in different markets when it comes to ideas, imagery and text. Finding the right tone and feeling often requires creative texts to be modified and refined in order to function properly both linguistically and culturally. Our translators have extensive experience in creative texts, and training in journalism as well as copywriting. They will make sure your communication is raised to a professional level on the relevant market. In the context of translation, copywriting is sometimes known as transcreation.

Specialised translators

We have spent a long time establishing a large international network of professional translators who only translate into their first language. And it is with the help of our co-workers all over the world that we can offer you world-class linguistic services and translation into most languages. So do you need assistance translating a customer magazine into Russian, or do you have a sales text that needs to be available in French, Icelandic and Swahili?
No problem – just ask!

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